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I’ve ordered a handful of things form Crutchfield over the years and was always satisfied with their selection, service, and shipping.  But recently I had such a positive experience that I felt it deserved attention.  I ordered a new stereo for Aly’s car for christmas and the shipping was really amazing so I went to their website and sent a comment.  I got the normal canned response, and then a reply from a person that I really liked.

This is what I sent them via their web comment form:

This is just a quick note to let you know that there is magic in use in your shipping department.  I placed an order (#17039488) on Sunday evening (12/12) and it arrived on Monday (12/13).  What explanation other than magic could possibly account for such fast delivery?
Anyway, thank you for your incredibly fast service.

Rob Squire

PS: If, instead of magic, you’ve actually developed a teleporter, can we expect a consumer version in your catalog anytime soon?

And here is their automated response:

Thank you for your email. We are referring it to a person at Crutchfield who specializes in the type of issue that you raise. Shortly, you will receive an email from that specialist.

Please rest assured that I and other executives review the email correspondence between our customers and our specialists. We take your comments very seriously. And, we appreciate you taking the time to write us.

Bill Crutchfield

But later that day I got this response from a real person:

Hi Robert,

I’m Luke, a supervisor here at Crutchfield. Thanks for sending this important information our way. We have a very strict policy against using magic here at Crutchfield. We feel it gives us an unfair advantage over the competition, so we don’t allow any of our employees to use magic. Rest assured, we will be following up to make sure this policy is being respected.

Joking aside, thanks for the feedback, Robert. Our folks here work very hard to get these packages to you as quickly as possible and it’s great to see that it’s appreciated. As for your question about teleporters, I haven’t received any official word yet, but I’m hoping it’s coming soon. Personally, I’m still disappointed that it’s almost 2011 and we’re all not driving flying cars.

Thanks again for the feedback. We really do appreciate it. Your comment is definitely getting passed on to the folks that made it happen. Let us know if you need anything else.


Crutchfield Customer Support

So, there you have it; they have at least one employee with a sense of humor. They also have good price, free shipping, and they give you 90 days technical support. I really like Amazon, but if I need anything that Crutchfield carries, I’m getting it from them.

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