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The Taming of the ‘Ru

Man Cub and I have cause for celebration!

Eight weeks ago he managed kill his car.  It ran, but had a terrible bearing knock at anything above idle.  So the shopping began, and the replacement engine was ordered.  It is from a Japanese market car and, as a result of differences in environmental regulations, cannot simply be bolted into the American market car.

The two of us have spent the weeks since working, and researching, and cursing, and learning.  Through all this we’ve both had periods of  doubt that we’d succeed.  In trying to teach Brandon about  patience and perseverance, I learned a great deal myself.  I didn’t want a project like this, but I’m glad that we did it together.  We understand each other a little better now, and we know more about Subaru engines than we ever intended.

Yesterday, all of the cuts and bruises paid off, and we celebrated our victory.  He is mobile again, and happy to have his (semi)independence back.

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