365 2018 February Notes

2/1/18 Jenna. Pouring nitro, and talking beans
I stopped for coffee in a town near where I live. I asked Jenna if she'd be my portrait subject, and she was completely accommodating. This is a single speedlight with a round diffuser, but much farther from the subject, so the shadows are filled in. I didn't have any larger modifiers with me, but I think that this shot would be nicer with a large, shoot through umbrella, and maybe a second light behind her to illuminate her hair.
I asked her about the axe handle taps, and she began telling me about their nitro cold brew, so I asked her to show me the pour process.

Jenna, preparing to keep me awake.

I only intended for her to pretend to pour one, but she did a full pour, and then gave it to me.  I didn't sleep.
I'll definitely be returning to End Grain, even though I can't ask Jenna to be my subject again this year, because the coffee is really good.

2/2/18 Robert. Gregarious guest
Robert was a friend of a friend, who is now a friend.  He's a great guy with a love of details, and is eager to share. He came to our house for a cocktail party, made the best drink of the night, and then agreed to be my portrait of the day. This is lit with a speedlight wearing a round diffuser slightly above and to Robert's right, and another speedlight with a grid spot behind him and to his left. I had to change my position to place him directly between the camera and a mirror on the wall behind him.  In a prior shot the flash was clearly visible in the mirror.

Robert. Willing to pose, but not able to stop talking.

Once I had the lighting and composition right I had to fire a lot of shots, because Robert was not about to freeze mid-story.  Fortunately the flashes were at very low power settings and recycle quickly.

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