A Kernel of Trump

Every four years, at least lately, it’s the same thing: eighteen months of mud-slinging, vitriol, animosity, and prejudice. The internet both helps and hurts the situation. On the one hand, thanks to Netflix, Spotify, and podcasts, I no longer hear … Continue reading


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This busy weekend started with a great visit to my friend Lee’s studio to assist him with a photo shoot.  He does the catalog and advertising photos for a local wig company, and asked me if I’d like to come and … Continue reading

The Taming of the ‘Ru

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Man Cub and I have cause for celebration! Eight weeks ago he managed kill his car.  It ran, but had a terrible bearing knock at anything above idle.  So the shopping began, and the replacement engine was ordered.  It is … Continue reading


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Through a combination of her thoughtfulness, and my naiveté, a friend of mine was able to collect a bunch of Zuko photos over the past 7, or so, months.  When I returned to work on January 2, she, and two coworkers, … Continue reading

So I missed the shot

D90, in it's bag © 2011 Rob. All rights reserved.

This is my camera, nestled in its bag, resting on the front seat of my car.  That’s where it sat one week ago today when I was at the lake that I like to visit.  The morning was misty, almost … Continue reading


Aly takes a brake from soldering her new stereo to conduct important teen business via text. © 2011 Rob. All rights reserved.

I’ve ordered a handful of things form Crutchfield over the years and was always satisfied with their selection, service, and shipping.  But recently I had such a positive experience that I felt it deserved attention.  I ordered a new stereo … Continue reading


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So, I visited my parents in Maryland for the first time in nearly two years. The reason for the big lapse in visits is a story for another post. This post is about my father’s relationship with squirrels. My mom, … Continue reading